Freaky Fritter Fest

The freakiest times awaits you at our Freaky Fritter Fest! Did we mention there will be complimentary fritters?

We are getting into the freaky spirit with the introduction of our Halloween Freaky Fritter Fest, complete with all the Indonesian corn fritters your heart desires. Need we say more? Oh yeah, they’re complimentary too. But wait — there’s a catch! I mean it can’t be THAT good, now can it? Or maybe it can. To take advantage and get your FREE fritters, you must be dressed in costume! What better way to get in the spirit than with fritters, right?

The fun is all happening beginning Halloweekend, through Halloween Day. Pay us a visit in your costume from Friday, October 26th through Wednesday, October 31st. Photo cred: @rosydiaries.


Negroni Week & Spicy Treats

The beginning of June calls for indulgence.

From June 4th through June 10th, Negroni Week is hitting bars and restaurants everywhere. We are celebrating our favorite little red drink with our E&O’Ni, giving a portion of the proceeds to Muttville – a Bay Area adoption center for elderly pups.

The month of June also brings us to our second stop along the Spice Route – it’s time for Turmeric! Our bartenders are stirring up the famous E&O’Ni made with Turmeric-Infused Gin, Aperol and Carpano Antica – complementing the savory and sweet dishes on our Spice Route menu. For your savory cravings, Chef de Cuisine Michael Siegel creates Curry Braised Lamb Bacon with Jalapeño Vinegar and Crispy Shallots. On the sweet side, the menu offers Turmeric White Chocolate Mousse.

The flavor packed, hearty heat of the lamb bacon pairs perfectly with an ice cold E&O’Ni. Other dishes from our regular menu such as the Spicy Pork Sandwich and Grilled Baby Back Ribs are sure to also pair with the chilled drink once the Spice Route specials are gone.

What better way to kick off the summer season? Don’t miss out on this month’s selections – come try them for yourself before June 15th!

Spice Up Your Life

Embark on the Asian Spice Route with us! From May – September, we’ll be featuring indulgent menu items highlighting spices with life-changing health benefits. Enjoy dishes, desserts and cocktails with Szechuan peppercorns, turmeric, star anise, cardamom, and peppercorn for five months only.

We invite you to enjoy the benefits these ancient spices have to offer, while indulging in the menu items and cocktails created by Chef de Cuisine Michael Siegel and AGM Ace Chon.


Szechuan Peppercorns – Contains vitamins to make you stronger!
Entrée: Szechuan “Ma La” Chicken Wings
Dessert: Dark Chocolate & Hazelnut Szechuan Peppercorn Truffles
Cocktail: “Black & Orange”


Turmeric – Improves Brain function to make you smarter!
Entrée: Curry Braised “Lambacon” Jalapeño vinegar, crispy shallots
Dessert: Turmeric White Chocolate Mousse
Cocktail: Turmeric Negroni


Star Anise – Eat, and you’ll look younger!
Entrée: Kampachi Crudo with Plum, Fennel, & Star Anise Oil
Dessert: Star Anise Bread Pudding with Stone Fruit Compote
Cocktail: Star Anise-Infused Sangria with Fresh Berries


Cardamom – A natural detox, have another cocktail!
Entrée: Sri Lankan Black Curry Chicken
Dessert: Peach Cardamom Upside Down Cake
Cocktail: “Halo Halo” Cardamom-Infused Filipino-Style Dessert Cocktail


Peppercorn – Helps with weight loss – a guiltless meal!
Entrée: Singapore Black Pepper Style Crab Cakes
Dessert: Pink Peppercorn Ice Cream Sandwich
Cocktail: Bloody Mary